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How To Sell Clickbank Products Without a Website

In this short article you will learn how to market clickbank products without a website.

Clickbank is the largest digital products marketplace where website owners, bloggers and even people who don’t have a blog or website go and get product to promote to make extra cash online.

Clickbank is free to join and you don’t have to pay a cent to become member and start promoting, all you need is a email address and you can create your account right away. To create your account go to www.clickbank.com, there are two type of account, a vendor and affiliate, what you need is an affiliate account, once you have your account setup you are ready to start promoting clickbank products.

Log into Clickbank and go the the marketplace to select which product you will like to product, the Gravity of the product tells you how many affiliates make a sales in the past weeks, this will give you an insight on products that are selling right now. When you decide which product you are going to pick to promote, then hit the promote button to create your Hoplink, the Hoplink is your special link encoded by Clickbank, it carry your username and the vendor username, this is the link you are going to use to promote the product you selected.

Now you will need to change that link and make it look a bit professional, go to www.tinyurl.com, see photo below.
Enter the long URL in the box and type in a phrase related to the product in the little box under where it say “Custom alias” and hit the “Make Tinyurl” button to create your new link.

Now you can start promoting your link on Twitter, Facebook and other social sites, send email to friends and family.
Do a Google search and find forums related to your product, create an account on those forums and start posting in topics related to your product, go to your forum profile setting and put your link in your “Signature Area”.
Every time you make new post your signature will show below your post, when some one read your post and find it interesting, they will click on your signature link and visit your link.

Go on facebook and create a group and give it a name related to your product and invite your facebook friends to join your group, post your link on your group wall, create a facebook fan page and invite your facebook friends and ask them to “Like” your fan page, make sure your fan page title is related to your product. Copy your facebook fan page URL and submit it to search engine. Go here to submit to search engine for free. when your facebook fan page get indexed it will show in search results.

Hope this short article help you in promoting clickbank products without a website.

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